Monday, September 12, 2011

Cushions galore

Friends as you may recall a couple of posts ago, I was in desperate need of cushions to give my lounges some life. As luck would have it, a few of my favourite shops had sales on. And now my lounges finally are no longer naked. What do you guys think?

And my dear friend gave me this gorgeous silk throw that I fell in love with but didn't buy (because I could never make up my mind) when we did a bit of shopping after a movie date. Thanks Fadz- it takes pride in the formal lounge.

I have this passion for throws. All of my lounges have throws on them, even in summer. I feel that like cushions, throws lift the lounge/chair to a new level. There is an air of sophistication, yet coziness about throws. Does anyone else feel me?


  1. Looking nice and homey, and warm and cudddly ... cushions, throws ... lovely! And I'm so glad I got you something you love, Nora :).